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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 13, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the university of maryland campus which appears to show officers beat police. >> it was surprising in and of itself. it's disheartening, but it's not surprising. >> they kind ever beat his head into the wall. it's kind of like beating a dead horse. >> does that make you angry? >> yes. it's not that hard to subdue the average college student. >> reporter: the tape shows 21- year-old john mckenna, with his arms up. two county riot officers rush toward him and throw him against the wall and beat him with batons. another officer joins in as mckenna is hit across his torso and head. he suffered a concussion. county executive jack johnson tells wjz, he was blown away by what he saw on that tape. >> this goes against everything i believe in, and i'm outraged.
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>> the incident happened after moments. these are pictures of mckenna, following the beating. he needed stitches in his head. >> what we want people to know, though, that when they do not follow the rules, that they will be held accountable. >> an internal affairs investigation is under way at this hour, focusing on the three officers involved and another officer who filed charges against the student for assaulting a police officer that don't match the startling videotape. >> what i sawa that -- saw on that tape, i see a number of officers that are acting outside the color of our policies and our directions. that's what i see on that tape. >> reporter: and the chief said he wants the investigation to be transparent. he does believe this is an isolated incident. reporting live at prince george's county, police headquarters. mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, mike. thank you so much. police have not given a time
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line on when they will complete their investigation. but the chief says he has made it a priority. a disturbing story from carroll county tonight. a toddler is recovering after police say her market's boyfriend raped, beat and burned her. vic has more on this story. >> reporter: ryan c. gifford was arrested for the assault on the 21-month-old girl. on saturday, the 23-year-old 23- year-old drank a half glass of wine. according to investigators, the abuse happened once the girl's mother went to sleep. the girl's mother discovered the abuse once she woke up on sunday. the toddler was taken to johns hopkins hospital. gifford is charged with first- and second-degree assault and first- and second-degree child abuse. jury is trying to determine the fate of a teenager accused of pulling a trigger.
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>> witness testimony. what started as a street fight on yell second, led to this baltimore shooting. a fribullet struck now 6-year- old on the brain. she still has trouble walking and speaking. >> you are going to fix that? >> prosecutors say 17-year-old lamont davis was the trigger man. they called at least two witnesses who identified nim this court and say this even shows the gps monitoring ankle bracelet. but defense attorneys say that same gps device shows lamont davis was at home, even though it was found he was out of compliance the more than 100 times.
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the 16-year-old mother of lamont davis identified them as the shooter. but several people pointed out testimony. leaving juries to sort it out for themselves. the judge is preparing to let them go home for the day now. they have still not reached a verdict. so they will be back at it tomorrow morning. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> the defendant is facing two counts of attempted murder. two engines crashed on their way to baltimore. the crews were headed to a fire on mosier street when the crash happened. the firefighters were taken to shock trauma for evaluation.
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investigator the are looking into a cause. governor martin o'malley. political reporter pat wareb looks at what else lawmakers accomplished over the last months. >> the first bill signed is the maryland health claims act. which they expect to save the state millions in fraud lent claims. >> we have taken steps in this session to bring some credit recovery to main street. and also to shore up the family businesses, small businesses, help inform do that when they do best, which is to create opportunities opportunities opportunities opportunities and create jobs. >> a bill restricting drivers drivers to use hands-free phones pass thed.
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but another failed. protect this house, requiring mediation at foreclosure passed. protect this school. reporting studentses arrested for crimes that indicate gang membership to gang personnel. passed. lifetime supervision, pass. changes to comply. passed as much as some of the greatest. >> the chronically ill suffered a setback. >> the $14.2 billion package passed. and since maryland can use the money, this passed. but a plea here failed. if it makes you feel better, you can still marry
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your first cuz -- cousin. a bill to prohibit that failed. another gives the opportunity to call it constitutional conconvention to change the way the state operates. i'm pat warren. now back to you on television hill. >> the governor will sign sex offender bills in may, along with the rest of the newly passed legislation. millions of dollars headed to baltimore tonight. as part of the federal disaster funds for snowstorms. but baltimore was not included in the disaster declaration for maryland. just looked at the pictures i took. but that's okay. the national weather service has now looked at additional measurements revising the total snowfalls to 21 to 23 inches in the city. and that's just enough to get baltimore $2.25 million in federal funding. and what a difference a few months makes. we are dealing with some rain
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tonight. cloudy skies and scattered showers. meteorologist bernadette woods has a look at the updated first warning weather forecast for us. bernadette? >> that was two months ago. >> i know. >> in between, weave hit -- we've hit 90 degrees outside. i want to show you first warning doppler radar. makes this feel not all that bad. this is the rain we're dealing with around the state right now. it's picked up in intensity since early this afternoon. in the city, more of a moderate rain. to the south, this is a heavier rain. and we also have heavier rain. now, also along southern part of the eastern shore, we have rain rain that has picked up in intense it. and all of this is moving in that direction. now, temperatures are only in the 40s. we bounce back up and warm up
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again later this week. we'll have that forecast shortly. it's being hailed as a real- life miracle. tonight, a florida girl who had been missing for days, is found alive and safe. >> s are cue workers pulled 11- year-old nadia bloom out of a swamp and carried her away on a stretcher. after four days of being missing, she was alive, but dehydrated. >> i burst. i ran in and told my wife, nadia is in good condition. she has insect bites. no shoes. the paramedic noted that her vote were very, very waterlogged as if hear standard being in -- standing in the water for a while. >> reporter: but it was one man, james king, a friend from
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church, who discovered nadia this morning, near a local lake. he was taken to local police. >> how do you feel, mr. king? >> i feel tall. >> i found her. she's safe in my arms. >> nadia disappeared from her subdivision. her sister led police to an area where they often play. but it was a difficult search. her family believes the girl, who has an autism-related disorder, called asperger's, just wandered off. >> our daughter is a nature lover. and she went on a bike ride. and stopped and took pictures. sandra hughes, wjz eyewitness news. >> police think nadia may have also been inspired by a book about an adventurous girl who decides to go camping in her
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backyard. and still ahead tonight at 5:00. road danger. a new report labeling this suv unsafe to drive. i'm alex demetrick. >> it's a big bang. it's a milestone at patterson ark, where this branch of the enoch pratt free library turns 100 years old. i'm andrea fujii. a chilly history. ,,,,,, i discovered the problem growing grass seed, is me.
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the hits keep on coming for toyota automotive. now, consumer reports is telling readers not to buy a
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new toyota lexus suv. altison harmelin reports for wjz. >> consumer reports is telling drivers not to drive the lexus. >> the last time we advised that a consumer didn't buy a car because of a safety risk was in 2001. >> reporter: during emergency handling test, the rear end swings out wide, until the gx is almost sideways. it does activate, but consumer reports says it takes too long to get the vehicles back under control. >> if this happened in a real road situation, on a public road, a rear tire could hit the curb or slide off the pavement. and this could lead to a rollover. >> lex ution is toyota-- lexus is toyota's luxury line. and it is concerned with what consumers found. the company also said, please
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keep in mind, the 2010gx460 meets or exceeds all federal government testing requirements. >> the luxury suv went on sale back in november. and since then, lexus has only sold about 5,000 gs460s. >> but toyota has been getting an earful from the drivers of other makes and models. sticking gas pedals and sudden acceleration has triggered lawsuits. just as it's trying to win back customers, this don't-buy warning puts another dent into toyota's reputation. >> reporter: consumer reports magazine is read by many car buyers before they choose a new vehicle. four testers said they experienced the problems during the testing. kristy breslin is live at wjz.
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it is a really difficult rush out there. you may be waiting for quite a while. if you're traveling on the north side inner loop, you're looking at a solid half hour. 70 eastbound, brake lights, approaching the beltway. busy drive for the harrisburg expressway. from shaone to belfast. and looking at overall travel times. 795 to 83, 14 miles an hour. and 32 minutes to get through. here's a live look 95 south to 895. over here on the west side of baltimore national pike. and the delay here, the beltway at 70. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. call 1-800-the firm. or visit for your free consultation. a happy 100th birthday to the patterson park branch of
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the enoch pratt free library. andrea fujii was there as old and new patrons celebrated the milestone. >> this is a birthday party, 98- year-old margaret yafy wouldn't police. >> i lived in this neighborhood until i was married. and i felt it was my home away from home. >> it turned 100 years old. and margaret remembers what she used to borrow when she was 7. >> louisa may alcott wrote little men, little women. they were my favorite. >> reporter: young people continue to come here. many right after school every day. >> i read nonfiction books over here. and i really like it. >> i like fiction books. and black history. >> reporter: the library has come a long way since 1910, with many people now coming in for the computers. >> trying to find a job.
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and it's been really helping me out a lot, being able to access the internet. because you know, mostly applications are online now. >> reporter: a rise in spanish- speaking patrons also sparks change. >> reporter: with this diversity, this branch was the first to offer spanish-language books since 19no. since then, all branches have followed suit. >> everyone is welcome. and everyone accepts everyone else. it's been a very good relationship. >> reporter: throughout all of the changes in the past 100 years, the library will remain the same to its long-time patrons. >> it was just a part of my life. >> reporter: in east baltimore, andrea fujii, wjz eyewitness news. at 124 years old, the enoch pratt free library is the oldest, opening in 1886, in canton. >> pratt looks good for 124 years old would. >> amazing. >> is impressive. a little dip in our weather today. but we're going to bounce right back. >> that's right. we're going to get rid.
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this tomorrow. but right now, not the prettiest of evenings out there. temperature-wise, only 48 degrees outside. we only topped out in the low 50s after being in the 70s the last couple of days. what's it going to be like tomorrow? we'll have that come we come back. ,,,,,,
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mary, makes you wonder what the weather is like in the rest of the world, bernadette. >> that's right. we were just looking that up. someone is taking a vacation, starting tomorrow. >> dare to dream, right? >> it's going to be nice, though, tomorrow. as soon as we get rid of the rain. the sunshine will return. but today, it's a little gray out there. going to show you first warning doppler radar. we have that rain making its way through the state. and we'll take you on a tour and tell you, starting out in the city. this rain has picked up, southern parts of the city. heading down towards severna park. and on the eastern shore, the rain has picked up. easton, starting to pick up now in cambridge, too. but still fairly light. off to the northwest, where we see the heavier rain at the
5:24 pm
beginning of these shows it's let up somewhat. >> this is how it all has taken shape. the clouds came in overnight. then the rain followed. switching north and south cross the state. the rain will come to an end. the other thing coming to an end is the wind out of the northeast. and that is keeping cool air. now, our average high has jumped up to 64 degrees. but we've only topped out at 53. yes, yesterday, we were at 51. up and town we go tomorrow. back on the way up. and sunshine will return. now, high pressure will move in initially. after that, take a look at the
5:25 pm
warm front. brings back another round of warm air. and on friday, we stay in the 70s. however. just as we get the sunshine back, we're going to see this next front move our way friday and saturday. so the forecast comes together like this. on the water. winds turn around to the east and eventually, 5 to 10. bay temp all around 60 degrees. tonight, we are going down into the 30s. it will be a chilly one. rain will come to an end tomorrow. partly to most -- mostly sunny in the afternoon. and not that far away. clouds are going to break up. the temperatures will drop because they never went up today. >> correct. >> 30s tonight? >> aa little bit. >> i have some hydrangeas that i have to bring in, i think. i haven't planted them. >> for most of us around here.
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>> we'll be okay. still ahead at 5:00. bitter dispute. a woman returns a child to russia alone. now she's refusing to talk to police. this organization is helping to stay out of gangs. i'm adam may with details coming up. i'm ron matz at the bengie's in middle river. it's the last of maryland's drive-in theaters. and it's still going strong. the story coming up here on wjz. hi, you cancelled your cable service?
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it is 5:28. 48 degrees and raining. good evening. thanks for staying with wjz eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. word of a major croc dawn on-- crackdown on a community program designed to crack down on violence. it was running up notorious operations for the black guerrilla gang. among those arrested, 36- year-old todd duncan, also believed to be the gang's leader. the black guerrilla family, or bgf, is one of the most notorious gangs on the streets of baltimore. the west baltimore croupe, coil, funded by taxpayers were
5:30 pm
supposed to be involved in. the u.s. attorney reacts to the irony we're in. >> our hope is the convicted felons can reform. and be part of the solution. but obviously the danger is, if it's someone who will continue to be part of the problem. >> in 2007, then mayor sheila dixon kicked off an idea called operation safe streets. coil was a partner in that program. now, current mayor stephanie rawlings-blake has suspended all funding for the project. >> reporter: we couldn't find any members for the c.o.i.l. organization to speak to the media. but they told our media partner, the baltimore sun, that they were blindsided by these charges. >> reporter: more people involved of operation safe streets could be members of bcf. many serving time after pleading guilty. >> people understand that if they cooperate, if they work with authorities, we can actually take these gangs down
5:31 pm
and put them out of business. >> reporter: and this week alone, federal authorities tiected another 13 -- indicted another 13 people in connection with this. >> reporter: dunk an's attorney -- duncan's attorney declined to comment. a nigerian man is accused of trying to blow up a judge on christmas day. he held a six-minute hearing this afternoon. prosecutors say they have shared hundreds of documents with the defense and will need to share even more evidence. the trial date has not been set yet. but the judge has asked for another hearing on june 22nd. one of maryland's senators is stopping passengers from taking part in carry-on luggage. >> reporter: well, kai, senator ben cardin, and louisiana senator mary landrieu want to prevent costly fees for carry- on bags. the new bill being proposed would prohibit charges for carry-on.
5:32 pm
and also require advanced fees for specialty items. senator cardin says carry-on luggage is essential to people's health, work and safety. and it should come free. spirit airline was the first to announce fees. >> denise, thank you. senators cardin and landrieu, proposed a similar ban last month. but it was blocked. >> as the days get longer and warmer, thousands of boaters will find their way on the bay. and each year, some of em are lost to accidents and drowning. alex demetrick reports, that's brought a lot of agencies together for search-and-rescue work. >> the coast guard may get the call for help. but on something as big as the chesapeake, no one agency can do it all. >> where there's actual distress, our first search is our best search. so we launch as many assets as close as possible. >> some of those assets are brought to curtis bay for an
5:33 pm
annual meeting. groundwork here determines who does what in an emergency. >> it depends on what situation we're responding to. if we're the closest unit. if we're in the support nature. >> reporter: in almost all cases, the boat that can get to trouble fastest gets the call. often, it's natural resources police. or along streams and waterways, county, police and fire department. the coast guard can bring in people around the state. but maryland performs over 400 search-and-rescue missions last year. most are over land. but the same skills and tools are used over water as well. >> there are times when we can put an aircraft on scene. or even more than one aircraft on scene a lot quicker than the coast guard might be able to do. >> hardware and high tech can speed up a rescue. but it's the simplest of devices that can buy a person in trouble crucial time. >> wearing a life jacket. out of the 17 deaths that occurred in maryland, 16 of the individuals were not wearing a life jacket. >> reporter: because not every
5:34 pm
plunge into the bay is expected and not everyone overboard is easy to find. >> and the coast guard's baltimore sector is responsible for 9,000 square miles of water. that is roughly the size of new hampshire. the bodies of all of the miners killed in an explosion in west virginia are on their way to the state medical examiner's office. the last of thed abouts have been recovered -- the bodies have been recovered. and they're now awaiting autopsy. investigators believe the explosion killed the miners last week. it is the worst mining disaster since 1970. a solemn farewell. their daughter was the first to say goodbye. the bodies of polish president lekechinski. and first lady maria are inside the palace today. the two were among 96 people that died in a plane crash last weekend. president obama will attend a state funeral that will be held on sunday. first lady michelle obama is a long way from home tonight in the white house. the first lady made a surprise visit to haiti today.
5:35 pm
the white house says she will tour port-au-prince and underscore the u.s.'s commitment to helping the nation recover. more than 200,000 people were killed during that massive earthquake back on january 12th. hundreds of thousands more remain homeless. u.s. ambassadors are in russia, trying to warm over relations between the two countries, following a bitter ah -- adoption case. the tennessee woman who sent her newly adopted woman back to russia alone is refusing to talk to police. >> the tennessee woman who adopted a boy from rishia then support him back with a one-way plane ticket, has chosen not to speak to investigators. >> it's hard to deal with this case. >> reporter: bedford county sheriff, randall boys says 33- year-old tory hampton's decision, strains an already confusing and complicated case. >> what we're going to do is everything we're big enough to do to make it right. >> reporter: his office is now exploring possible charges,
5:36 pm
from child endangerment to abuse. >> all i know is there are allegations of abuse. my job now is to find out if there is, in fact, something to support it. >> this as they repair the adoption relations between the two countries. russia has threatened to freeze adoptions for hundreds of u.s. families. >> i think the arrangements are still being worked out. but clearly this latest situation will be among those things discussed. >> americans adopt a nearly $1600 russian children last year. the seattle-based facility said it was shocked and saddened by this turn of events. >> reporter: another family who adopted through this same anxiety, says behavior problems are no reason to give up on a lifelong commitment. >> just very sad and disappointed. because i do. i think there are resources out there that she could have tapped into. >> whit johnson, wjz eyewitness news. >> if she were charged, state
5:37 pm
prosecutors from tennessee and virginia say it is not clear if the adopted mother's crime would fall into their jurisdiction. pittsburgh steelers' quarterback, ben roethlisberger is meeting with roger goodell. and could possibly face suspensions on the league. this is video of roethlisberger arriving for that meeting in new york. the nfl quarterback was accused of sexually assaulting a college student. the district attorney said the accusations could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. now, former steelers quarterback terry bradshaw is speaking out about the roethlisberger scandal. >> if you're single, walk into a bar, with beautiful women, and have them just fill your ego up. you know? and you asked yourself, would they pay any attention to you if you weren't who you are? of course not. because i'm not that attractive. neither is ben. so it's nice that you can do that. but he's got to be careful. >> a pittsburgh company that
5:38 pm
markets food products endorsed by local sports stars has drop theds-- dropped its deal. comptroller peter franchot is rolling up his sleeves to help process a flood of tax returns. franchot joined his staff to help open all of those returns. we are less than 48 hours away from the tax deadline. and franchot asked taxpayers not to neglect, even if they have been laid off their job. >> don't ignore us because you have economic troubles. make sure you send us a return, even if you can't pay your tax. we'll figure out a way to make it easy for you to do the right thing. >> remember, the clock is ticking. the tax deadline is this thursday, april 15th. tonight in health watch, popular diets turned carbs into a dirty word. now there's a new reason for women to steer clear. a new study finds women who ate
5:39 pm
carbohydrates like white breads, pasta. could not -- could be at risk for heart disease. ipad can go through security inside your carry-on luggage. the airport officials say the new device is so thin, it won't block images when it passes through screening machines. regular laptops have to be screened separately at airport checkpoints. since the social networking site twitter skyrocketed in popularity, weem have been wondering how it will generate a profit. starting today, twitter will roll out ads to users. the company plans to roll out new ads tomorrow. it's modeled after google's successful search advertising system. time now for a quick look at the baltimore sun. a look at a new way to find a roommate that is patterned after speed dating.
5:40 pm
how to turn your cupcakes into elaborate works of art. for all of these stories and more, read the baltimore sun. remember to look for the updated first warning weather forecast. breaking news out of southwest baltimore. sky eye chopper 13 is over a water main break. >> a potentially hazardous situation here, kai. this is a water main that has broken between the harbor tunnel throughway. and the fort mcrenry tunnel. -- mchenry tunnel. this is keith. as you can see a very large area, a pond has formed between the harbor tunnel throughway to the right. and the fort mchenry tunnel on the north. we don't know whether any water is actually going inside the harbor tunnel throughway. but as you can see, both northbound and southbound lanes of the harbor tunnel throughway remain open. transportation authority police
5:41 pm
have closed a section of keith avenue here. there is no access to get to actually the toll plazas. as mark pulls out of here and lifts up, that's where the water is coming, bubbling up. you can see this little roadway. is the only real access to get to the toll plaza itself. so the toll plaza workers are stuck for the moment as they try to figure had out. -- this out. we do see city employees on the scene. the water department is here. whatever this is, this is rather large. and it's going to be rather significant. we'll continue to keep you updated as we continue to gather information. back to you. pretty dramatic pictures. thank you, mark and captain mike. we appreciate that. do you remember packing the kids in the car for a night at the drive-in theater. baltimore has one that opened back in 1956. and it is one of a kind. ron matz reports, this time of year, all roads lead to middle river.
5:42 pm
along eastern boulevard, you'll find movie history. the bengie's drive-in opened in june, 1956. the snack bar and pop corn machine are ready for the 55th season. >> the bengie's drive-in theater was designed by my father. he did many of the drive-ins in the northeast. >> it's really something to see your name up in lights. the big screen is 52 feet high. and 120 feet wide. it feels like the 50s. even for those who weren't around back then. >> fifth grade. it's wild fun. like being born in the '80s. >> moviegoers, remember when jaws devoured middle river. 750 cars will jam this 50-acre property on a weekend night. realize driving is its whole own venue. there is nothing quite like it. >> reporter: in recent years, the number of drive-ins in the
5:43 pm
u.s., has remained steavmentd. >> kind of -- steady. kind of stick around 400. there are new builds. >> reporter: during the heyday, maryland had as many as 42 drive-in theaters. now, there's just one. >> to feed the families. and well behaved pets. and everybody having a wonderful time. that's really what the driving is. it's freedom. >> reporter: the last picture show here will have to wait. all roads lead to middle river. ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. >> and for more information about the bengie's drive in, just log onto our website, still ahead on eyewitness news. hostile workplace. a deputy turns his taser on a colleague. i'm bernadette woods for bob turk in the first warning weather center. we're putting together exclusive first warning weather five-day forecast. stay tuned for the weekend we'll have that come we come back. first, here's today's report from wall street.
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welcome back, everybody. it's gray out there. i want to show you the forecast for tomorrow. all of that getting out of here. we start out the day with clouds around. but the sunshine takes over. partly to mostly sunny in the afternoon. that allows us to warm up to the mid-60s. now, we continue that warming trend. 74 on thursday. chance for showers late friday. 78 degrees. and some showers to linger into saturday. controversy as a surveillance video captures a police officer tazing a coworker inside a florida county jail. police say the female deputy was showing her coworkers something on her cell phone. that's when a male deputy suddenly reaches for his taser and zaps her in the back. the deputy says he was joking around. but he did receive what the department called a final warning. imagine seeing a stranger driving off in your car w -- with your children still in it. that's what a woman experienced
5:48 pm
but fortunately, her story has a happy ending. she was reunited with her five daughters shortly after her suv was stolen. police say a woman jumped into the running vehicle, while the mom was looking for a house to rent. her children were dropped off a few blocks away, before the woman was arrested. vic is standing by with a preview. we'll keep you posted on the breaking news. the large water main break. the latest on the impact in traffic, next at 6:00. 9 months in prison. that was the sentence for a baltimore man. new at 6:00, hear from that man now free from jail. and... it's been nearly a year since a 14-year-old boy was beaten to death. now, the victim's parents have filed a major lawsuit. one of the defendants, the board of education. i'm weijia jiang in anne arundel county. that story is next on wjz eyewitness news. check in for these stories
5:49 pm
and all the day's breaking news, coming up at 6:00. now, back to you. eyewitness sports is next. >> sports director mark viviano is live. mark? >> testing the results of orioles fans after the smallest crowd of the year. they got t-shirts tonight. it's matt wieter's t-shirt night. it's a wet one. we'll hear from the birds and the ravens. that's ahead when eyewitness news continues.
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it is raining a bit at the ballpark. >> a number of fans are already showing up. that's because they're giving away matt wieters' t-shirts tonight. he has shaken up the lineup tonight. matt wieters, the catcher, is batting fourth. adam jones will bat fifth. and second base, for brian roberts who is on the disabled list.
5:53 pm
the slump in scoring runs continues tonight. thanks to outstanding pitching. by the rays' matt garza. garza threw eight innings, allowed one run. the o's could have had more. carl crawford in left field. excellent grab to snag a left shot off the atkins. crawford had the highlight catch. and four hits, including a home run off of mark hendrickson. nick markakis talked about the o's hitters, picking up their pace and scoring runs. baseball is a funny game. anything can happen. one at bat, one inning. one game can get us anything. and ink we're going to get going here pretty soon. and i know all of the guys feel the same way. we're going to try to help these pitchers as best we can. >> nick talked about helping out the pitchers. it will be brian brian matusz tonight.
5:54 pm
that was last week on the road. rays counter with jeff nieman. he was knocked down in the second inning. first pitch coming up at 7:05. you can see it on masn i was up in owings mills to hear what the ravens had to say. for the first time in 17 years, there is no salary cap in the nfl. but the ravens say they still vow to be fiscally responsible. >> the salary cap, quote, is not in play this year. but we are still trying to operate, you know. on some sense of i -- a cap. so you just cannot dismiss that. you're not dealing with cap space. but you're still dealing with picks and players. and we value both. second and goal. >> other ravens news, the team
5:55 pm
has officially cut ties with veteran running back samari rolle. his contract is terminated prior to the roster deadline today. in a statement, he thanked the ravens for his four seasons in baltimore. he's calling it quits, says he is looking forward to the next phase in his life. general manager ozzie newsome says he has not received any phone calls from teams, looking for trade from offensive lineman, jared gaither. >> all right, mark. thank you. eyewitness sports -- excuse me. eyewitness news is still ahead. >> you got it. outrage, on the university of maryland campus, over this video. showing police beating a student. i'm mike hellgren, with emotional reaction from students. also, top leaders and police sound off. ♪
5:56 pm
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my subaru saved my life. i won't ever forget that. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00. breaking news. a large water main break near the fort mchenry tunnel. sky eye chopper 13 has a live report coming up. a university of maryland student beat by police. tonight, the expanding investigation and the outrage. closing arguments. the baltimore teen charged with smooth a young girl. tonight, a young jury begins deliberating has fate. what did and did not happen. i'm pat warren, coming up on eyewitness news a wrap on signee day. and tracking the showers. don't miss the updated first warning weather forecast. >> check in for these stories and all the day's breaking
5:59 pm
news. >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. hello, everyone. i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. a large water main break, near the fort mchenry tunnel. sky eye chopper 13 remains over the scene right now. and captain mike perry has the latest on the impact. >> it certainly is an impressive break, denise. this occurred just before 5:30 this evening. alon